Minding the Spirit of the Body

By Chaplain Penny Andrews

A colleague recently said that feelings are like the weather, there's always something going on. That's a pretty intriguing thought.

After testing it out for a couple of days, it appears to ring true. In other words, whether you're doing a crossword puzzle, having a conversation with a friend, or gardening, if you stopped yourself in the middle of any activity and asked "What am l feeling right now?" something would come to mind. You might say, "calm, anxious, happy, sad" or some other feeling, but something would come forward.

Our bodies seem to work like that, also. Our bodies are often communicating with us, only it is often below our "radar," if you will.
Are we high energy, low energy, no energy? Are we peaceful, ready to dance or fidgety? Most of the time we ignore these cues, but what probably would be a health benefit is to listen to our body's wisdom and pay attention by following the lead.

The cues may be subtle at first. It takes a lot for most folks to stabilize, after being on the dialysis machine. But there comes a time, maybe after a rest, where there's a little energy to work with. Body wisdom tells us to make the most of it.

For instance, if you like to watch TV in the evening to unwind, how about having a couple of 1 lb. dumbbells (or a can of Campbell soup) near by to do some muscle flexes — especially if you can sense you have more energy than sitting in front of the TV requires.
Our body wants to move and sometimes we can engage our spirit to help us. Get going — not to the point of exhaustion, but to a point where our energy shifts. The amazing results in study after study, is that our body rewards us with a greater sense of well being when we utilize it to the extent we are capable.

Whatever stage of health and capability we find ourselves, we can do something. You will be strengthened when you use your spirit to strengthen your body.

May the beauty of the autumn inspire you to do that special something for yourself.