How Much Fluid is in My Food?

By Annie Tsang, Dietetic Intern 

Did you know we can consume up to one quart of fluid per day just from eating foods alone? Managing fluids is definitely more difficult when you have to adhere to a renal diet. And living in very humid and warm climates can make trying to avoid fluid intake even harder to manage.

To make your fluid management a little easier, take a look at the following menu. This chart provides the percentage of water in foods. Believe it or not, our food intake alone can add to our "fluid intake." The sample menu below adds up to 35 ounces per day! However, we don't encourage you to avoid these nutritious foods that give you the protein and energy you need. Instead, just be careful when you consider your overall fluid intake.


Data Source: USDA Nutrient Database

And remember, most people on dialysis are supposed to keep fluids to either four cups per day (32 ounces) or six cups per day (48 ounces). So the next time you notice weight gains and think you did not drink a lot of obvious fluids, take a look at this chart and maybe you will see why.

You can also meet with your dietitian, who can help you sort our where your extra fluids are coming from. Food should be enjoyed, but just like everything else in life, all in moderation.