About Us

Our history, vision, mission and philosophy.

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To meet the needs of patients in southern Wisconsin, UW Health and UnityPoint Health-Meriter formed Wisconsin Dialysis, Inc.

Our program offers state-of-the-art treatment, a friendly environment, continued care by your current physicians and nursing staff, and two modern, comfortable and conveniently located treatment sites.

Wisconsin Dialysis is unique in our region, joining top quality, patient-centered care with easy access to a broad range of highly skilled medical and surgical specialists. To best meet your needs, Wisconsin Dialysis is dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of dialysis patients and has a special focus on your satisfaction, comfort and convenience.

We accept referrals directly from all health care providers at clinics and hospitals throughout the United States. To refer patients to Wisconsin Dialysis, please email or call (608) 270-5600.

For patients: Notice of Privacy Practices (pdf)

Our Vision

Wisconsin Dialysis will be among the top dialysis providers in the State of Wisconsin and upper Midwest region by offering patients:

  • The most advanced and innovative dialysis care available
  • Unsurpassed interdisciplinary teamwork 
  • Exceptionally Safe Care

Our Mission

Wisconsin Dialysis team members will optimize the quality of life, length of life and overall treatment experience of each patient as an individual through our Safe Care approach.

Our Values

Safety: WDI is relentlessly committed to providing the personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, medications, policies, procedures and protocols required to attain the safest and most beneficial treatments available to any patient on dialysis.

Accountability: WDI team members actively hold themselves and each other responsible for providing optimal service to patients and families, keeping a positive attitude, and working together with extraordinary collaboration.

Family: WDI recognizes the importance of family and friends to patients and team members, respectively, by accommodating and encouraging involvement and availability in their daily lives to every extent possible.

Excellence: WDI continually strives for excellence in dialysis care, patient outcomes, and the patient experience through state-of-the-art medical care (based on the most current scientific evidence), participation in clinical research, modern equipment, highly trained staff, a therapeutic treatment environment and the proficiency and timeliness of treatments and services provided to patients.

Compassion: WDI team members show empathy for all others and always conduct themselves in a friendly, courteous, considerate and caring manner.

Affordability: WDI team members accept personal responsibility to help patients obtain all available financial resources and improve upon WDI’s financial success.

Respect: WDI team members protect and honor the privacy, dignity and self-esteem of patients, family members and each other.

Education: WDI commits sufficient resources to ensure patients, team members, and future health care providers and staff attain and/or maintain relevant and contemporary ESRD knowledge, skills and expertise.

Careers at Wisconsin Dialysis

Are you interested in joining our team? Visit the Careers page on uwhealth.org to check out any available positions.